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Creativeworldstyle is a web, multimedia and smartphone development company specializing in development of websites, multimedia content and interactive technology oriented applications. It was founded in 2006, and in the course of just few years it has become a recognized name in web development, eLearning and gaming niche. Based in Kolkata India, Creativeworldstyle caters to both international and local client base that comprises of corporations, educational institutions, eLearning course publishers, game vendors etc.

Creativeworldstyle offers top class solutions in web development and website maintenance. Through our expertise in design and web technology, we can deliver winning websites and web apps. Our services are imbibed with professional design and sound technology implementation. We have created websites for hunrdreds of clients and our team maintains the websites of several top corporate houses.

Creativeworldstyle also specializes in end-to-end eLearning solutions covering: concept development, interface design, training content, assessment modules and LMS integration. Our development approach is learner centric, which makes our learning applications extremely effective in fulfilling their end-objectives. Presently, our eLearning applications are being used by thousands of people all over the world.

Game development is also our core service, and we undertake development of interactivity applications based on client specifications. Our experience and expertise in game development ensures that your concepts are translated into lucrative games. We develop games for all major computers and smart phones.

Our development team comprises of concept specialists, design & multimedia experts, web developers and multi-platform game developers. We work with technologies like .NET, PHP, HTML 5, Java, Flash, Captivate, xCode etc.


our values »

Learner Success: Our relentless dedication to every learner and every client's success. We work with integrity and build lasting relationships. We have a commitment to fostering lifelong learning and igniting the desire to learn in everyone.

Creativity: Our imagination and vision are used to create innovative solutions and richer learning experiences. We will not accept the status quo.

Passion: Our intense desire, enthusiasm and commitment to make a difference in people's lives and make the long term investments to change the world.

Collaboration: Our belief that the sharing of ideas drives the best outcomes.