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We are focused know where we are going, and that is to the top of IT Services. We will never fail to achieve the goals of a being a leader in the IT Services industry. Weaving Wings believes that we can rise to the top of the IT Services industry through quality and support.
E-Learning / Rapid E-Learning / Mobile Learning
e-Learning is a powerful way of imparting instructions. And, our approach to e-Learning development ensures that your learners understand better and learn faster.

Creativeworldstyle has over 5 years of experience in e-Learning development. We try to create a perfect blend of traditional teaching techniques and modern interactive technology, while keeping in mind the information absorption capacity of the learner.

We undertake all forms of e-Learning projects, be it a standalone instructional module or a full-fledged e-Learning course. Our team of instructional designers and interactive technology experts work tirelessly to make learning a great experience.

Web Design and Development
From extremely complex content management sites, to smaller one off promotional sites, we have helped businesses around the world unleash the power of web. Our approach to development is what makes us successful, because prior to initiating a project we undertake extensive research and planning.

Our team comprises of web & graphic design experts and web programmers specializing in technologies like PHP, HTML-5, Java and .NET. We even customize content management systems and create web apps to empower your business with anytime/anywhere access to business information.

A website is like a virtual office, in fact it is more important than your brick and mortar office as it can easily be accessed by your customers. Keeping a website current and updated at all times is therefore of paramount importance.

Our website maintenance service ensures that your websites remain current at all times. We create well designed pages with captivating content on as required basis. And, we keep improving your website by enhancing its functionality. With an experienced team of designers and web programmers at disposal, we provide the best service at reasonable prices.

Simplicity is one of the hallmarks of a great game, and our player focused game development strategy results in games that people just love to play.

With our expertise in game development, we can bring your story to life. Our games are liked by people, because we make no compromises in designing the virtual environment of the game. We deliver invigorating games that have: stunning graphics, great background music and awesome effects.

Our development team is proficient in all kinds of game development platforms, and we deliver both platform-specific and cross-platform games.

Smart Phone
Smart phone games are gaining rapid popularity, because they run on devices that offer an exciting interface with the added convenience of portability. Developing a gaming application for smart phones requires a different approach, since smart phones are responsive to multiple forms of touch and motion based input gestures like: tap, swipe, drag, pinch, tilt etc.

Creativeworldstyle has been developing smart phone games since the first generation iPhone. We know what it takes to make a great smart phone game, and we can develop gaming applications for all major smart phone platforms.